What is a workflow?

A workflow is a series of sequential phases that a project goes through before its completion.

TaskQue carries Industry Standard Workflows which are specially sorted according to the different persona. This classification helps individual to make there work easy and allow them to monitor number of tasks which they can manage or forecast for later.

Pro Top: TaskQue provides editing and shuffling option in your workflow at the time of Creation. User can create completely separate workflow from scratch OR user can use existing workflow phases, either change its narration OR can add additional phase according to their business or project requirement

Can we not choose a different workflow after creating a project? If not, why so?

Hi Aaradcliff,

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Yes, this is correct. Users can not change the workflow once its defined at the time of adding a project. This is so because Each Project is unique and when the user is selecting workflow at the time of adding project this means user is aware of their organization business processes.

TaskQue does not allow users to change the workflow but users can choose multiple workflows in different projects within the same workspace, However, Users can edit the name, shuffle the workflow phases or add new phases within the existing workflow, after selection of workflow. In order to achieve it, open that project into Kanban View and you will be able to see all tasks mapped according to their respective workflow.

Hope this helped. Let me know if you need anything. In case you require a demo for more in-depth usage of Workflow email me at [email protected] and I will set up a demo for you.

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