What does Basic Filter do?

Clicking on Task Filters will give you 9 tabs to choose.

  1. Show All
    Clicking on Show All tab will provide you with a list of all projects.
  2. In Progress
    Clicking on In Progress tab will show you all the task on which you are currently working.
  3. Reopened
    By clicking on Reopened button, you will have a list of all the task that have been reopened. Remember reopened tasks are the previously completed tasks that have been reactivated by the admin because they need to get redone.
  4. Completed
    A tab of Completed will give you a list of that tasks that have been successfully completed.
  5. Assigned to Me
    If you want to check the tasks that have been assigned to you, click on the Assigned to Me button. It gives you a complete list.
  6. Followed by Me
    The tab Followed by Me provides you with the list of tasks that you are following.
  7. Due Date
    Clicking on the Due Date button will show you the tasks that are due and need to be done.
  8. Over Due
    The Overdue tab contains all the incomplete tasks that have not been completed on their due date.
  9. Queued
    Clicking on the Queued button will provide you with the list of tasks that have been assigned to the users. These tasks are inactive and will remain in a queue until the task being displayed to the user.