What does Advanced Filter do?

Advanced Filter has more innovative features:

  1. View Active
    Clicking on View Active drop down tab will give you a list of all the active and archived tasks. Active tasks are the ones that are in progress, while Archived are the ones that have been deleted.
  2. Assigned to Anyone
    The drop down arrow will give you options to choose from the list of the tasks that are unassigned, have been assigned to you, or assigned to any other user.
  3. Priority All
    Clicking on Priority All drop down will allow you to see all the tasks on the basis of their priority level such as low, medium and high.
  4. Reopened
    This tab will allow you to see all the re-assigned task.
  5. Due Date All
    The Due Date tab makes it easier for you to keep track of all the tasks that are due and need to be get done. You can select the date according to your choice such as Today, Tomorrow, Next Week and or Custom Range.
  6. Completed Date All
    Clicking on this tab will give you multiple options to see your completed tasks. You can check all your tasks that have been completed today, yesterday, last week/month and so on. Moreover, you can select the desired date by choosing the Custom Range button.