Release Notes-Nov 2018

  • User-Onboarding: New users can now create a personalized slug for their account. This can be your personal company name, team name, department name or any name of your choice. Only 26 alphabetic characters, 10 numerals and underscore are allowed without any space.

  • For example, if your company name is Redford Consultants, then you can create your unique slug in this way:

  • Cache handling for seamless reflection of updates: Every time the application is updated, you won’t have to delete cache on your system. The changes will automatically reflect on your dashboard the next time you log into TaskQue’s application.

  • Time spent on completing a task: You can now calculate the time you’ve spent on completing a task that’s been assigned to you. All you need to do is to create new task and click the play button. This will begin recording the time that you’ve taken to complete the task. You can pause this timer by clicking the pause button in case you’re going for lunch or a meeting. Upon completing the task, the system will calculate the total time spent on the task.

  • Onboarding Journey from Workflows: First-time users, after completing the registration process, have to create or select their workflows. Once they are done with the workflow creation/selection process, the system will guide them to a create project screen. In case of skipping the workflow creation/selection process, you’ll be sent to the create TO-DOs screen.

  • If you want to start creating tasks, then you’ll have to create project first and select the desired workflow from the predefined options.

  • Tool tips for Guiding Users & Easy Adoption: We have created smart tool tips to guide users easily navigate through the application and get the maximum out of TaskQue.

Bug Fixed:

  • 60-day Free Trial Subscription Bug Fixed: By default, TaskQue’s premium features are available to users for 60 days completely free. Users, upon signing up, were not able to view their 60-day free trial countdown on their subscription page. This bug has been eliminated and now the users can see this countdown.