What is dashboard?

The TaskQue dashboard is a customizable user interface that allows you to perform multiple actions.
Left navigation allows you to view your projects, switch workspaces, and view your tasks.

On the top left you will find an option of User Workspace. Clicking on the drop down, you will have options to access your workspace, switch workspaces and manage workspaces.

You will find a Create Task button, under the User Workspace button. You can create a new task by using this.

Below Create Task button, you will have tabs of To Do List and Inbox. Organize your work by clicking on the to do list button. Check your inbox for any new task updates and activity associated with you from all workspaces.

A list of projects will be shown in the left navigation. You can view your projects by clicking on them.
On the left bottom, you will see + Project button that will allow you to create and manage projects.
Clicking on the Keyboard Shortcuts button will open a window that contains a list of keyboard shortcuts of the most commonly used operations.

FAQs button will take you to the FAQ section.
On the top right side, you will have following icons:
Search button to search for the desired task
Manage Users to add or delete the user.
Notification button will give alerts about something new happens in one of the tasks that have been assigned to you or the ones you are following.