Second Release Notes - September 2019

New Features:

  • Supporting Subscription buying for small teams up to 5 users

A lot of customers reported that since there are only 5 or fewer members in their teams, they can’t subscribe to the business plan. We listened to our customers and have reduced the limit of our Business plan to 5 users from 10. This will allow our customers to avoid paying extra for their subscription. However, our Basic version will always be FREE forever for up to 10 users but with very limited features.

  • Print your Invoices

Our paid users can now directly view and print their invoices easily by clicking the subscription button on the settings page.


  • Subscription Enhancement

Before shooting out the “account expired” email, the system will automatically check if a user has renewed his account and paid via Stripe to continue using TaskQue’s services.

If the payment has been made, then the user will be allowed to use TaskQue’s services automatically based upon the subscription plan that the user has selected.

If the payment has not been made, then the user will be notified and given 5 days to make the payment to continue his subscription. In case the user fails to make the payment within the grace period, the account will be automatically converted to the Basic Plan (FREE) with limited features.

  • Kanban Board Enhancement

TaskQue supports assigning different colors for project identification. We have followed this practice and implemented in the Kanban view as well.
Now you can assign different colors to each phase/stage to instantly check the tasks in a specific stage in the workflow.

  • Account Users Enhancement

Previously, account owner was unable to see which users have activated their accounts and which haven’t. Even the total number of users was not visible and the account owner had to count the users to know how many have been invited, activated and not activated their accounts. Now account owners can view these numbers instantly.

  • Pricing Page on TaskQue website update

We’ve made it easier for users to subscribe to the plans that suit them best.
Users can directly subscribe to the ‘Free for Life’ plan of TaskQue which is the basic plan Or they can subscribe to the ‘Free Trial’ and experience the premium features for 60 days.
Subscribing to the Business Plan gives users 60 days to explore the premium features and in case they have a change of they can either continue using or opt-out.