Second Release Notes-Nov 2018

  • Queue Manager: Now workspace owners can easily manage tasks assigned to their resources in their respective queues. You first set the workload of the project to ensure your resource remains focused. Then you assign the tasks that are relevant to your resource. This pushes the tasks that you want your resource to focus on while the lesser important tasks are pushed into their Queue. As you cross the workload threshold of a specific resource, the system asks you whether you want to continue adding tasks or view the queued tasks in the Queue Manager. As soon as a resource completes one of his focused tasks, the system automatically makes queued tasks visible for him to work on. With the Queue Manager, workspace owners can perform following operations:

Archive Task: If an allocated task is archived, a task from queue will move to allocated tasks. Archived Task List can be viewable from filters

Delete: If an allocated task is deleted, a task from removed from the queue.

Force Assign: When a queued task is force assigned to a user, it becomes visible to the user. When a task is force assigned to the user, the total number of allocated tasks may exceed the workload limit. When a force-assigned task is completed, it is removed from the allocated tasks of the user but none of the task from the queue move to allocated tasks of the user

Reassign: Tasks can be reassigned to other resources in case the resource is unavailable or busy with other tasks

Un-Assign: Any task assigned to a resource can be unassigned. It will remain in the tasks list and you are at liberty to assign it to any resource/user according your requirement

  • Onboarding Screen Navigation: Users can now use intuitive keyboard shortcuts for quickly completing the registration and onboarding process.

  • To-Do, Discussion & Documents Count Display: Users can now instantly know the number of documents they have attached, active discussions they’re a part of and To-Dos they have added.

  • Icons Updated for Easy Navigation: To make the application more intuitive, we have enhanced the interface of our application by modifying the icons of Hide-unhide button in the middle-pane (image) and (image),Properties of task (image), To-Do and discussions (image)

Bug Fixed:

  • To-Do Actions Menu Fixed: Options in the actions menu in To-Dos are now fixed. Previously the options in the menu were the same as they appear in the Tasks’ actions menu.