Second Release Notes-Dec 2018

New Features:

  • Visual Journey according to the Project’s selected Color: Since each project has its unique discussion section and documents repository, that’s why when you associate a color with a project it automatically reflects the same color on the project’s respective discussion and documents notification counters. This gives users a clear visual cue to instantly identify under which project the user is accessing the discussion and documents or they can use the colors to identify the urgency of the project. For example, if a user sets up color of Project as Yellow (to identify working state) or for example Red (to identify urgency) it will set the counter colors of documents and discussion counts as yellow or red respectively.

image image

  • Text Editor in Task Comments & Discussion: Whether you want to highlight a word for emphasis or hyperlink a phrase, users can now easily change the formatting of the text in the discussion section or the comments they add to their tasks through a simple text editor with utmost ease.

  • Access of Website through smartphones: Previously when a user tried to access TaskQue’s application on his smartphone the system directed the user to the desktop version of the app which was not optimized for mobile experiences. We have fixed the route and now whenever a user tries to sign up or log in via TaskQue’s website, the system asks him to download the application from either the App Store or Play Store for best mobile experience on his device.