Second Release Notes - Aug 2019


Group Management: Manage Group is among one of the important features of TaskQue. It allows TaskQue to assign task automatically within the group based upon availability of the group member. Its User Interface has been updated to provide a more intuitive experience. Following items have been enhanced in Group management:

  • Recent Group on Top: Previously when a group was created, every new group listed out after the previous group, which could increase clicks by the user. To provide quick access to the user, newly created groups are now shown at the top.

  • Group in multiple Views: Before current release, Groups were only visible in the grid view with no important details. Now, Groups can be seen in List as well as Grid view with important details about the owner, date with time and number of members. In grid view, it is also showing additional information about Total tasks assigned to a particular group, tasks which are completed and tasks which are in progress.

  • Disable and Active Group: Group can be disabled. When the group has achieved all tasks, account owner or workspace admin can deactivate that group. Once it’s deactivated, it will not be showing in dropdown during the task assignments. Account owner, Workspace Admin, can reactivate group according to their requirement.

  • Group Notification: When the group was created previously, there was no notification for the team who have become part of the group and about the name of the group which is newly created. Now, whenever a group created notification will be generated to all the team members with the name of the group. This will allow them to have a quick update about the activity.

  • Group Validation: New groups will have a validation check to avoid any confusion. This will help users to get notified and avoid any wrong guessing.

Quick Actions on To-do: TaskQue contains quick actions to increase usage of the application. These quick actions are now also showing on To-do list view so the user can quickly perform edit action right from their main screen.

Onboarding Enhancement: Previously, when a user onboard on TaskQue, there was no indication about the Subscription plan at the beginning. This has been updated now. When user signup on TaskQue, the onboarding process will indicate the type of plan for which user sign up for.

Onboarding message has been updated for better user understanding and experience.

Bug Fixes:

  • User list in add admin: When previously account owner wanted to define the rights of admin to a user, the account users were not shown in the drop-down menu. This bug has been addressed and now account owner can add admin of Workspace or Project right from the drop-down selection.

  • User list in Add Group: When a user creates a group, they will now be able to see all the users within workspace under their input field.