Release Notes-May 2019

New Features

  • Subscription Discount Module : Users can avail discount by applying promo/coupon codes on both monthly and yearly payment options. Once user applies the coupon code, the system will direct the user to the payment window.

TaskQue provides volume discount feel free to contact at [email protected] for your requirement

  • Recursive Tasks: You might have resources who work on homogeneous tasks every day. To make it easy for you to manage homogeneous, recursive tasks, we have introduced an option that would require them assigning the task only once and the next day the same task will be created and assigned to the resource automatically. TaskQue provides three options for Recursive tasks for automating tasks according to the user’s need. These are;
  • Daily: When the user wanted to create a task daily within a defined range
  • Weekly: When the user wanted to create a task on specific day of the week within defined range
  • Periodically: When a user wanted to create a task after completion of the main task with a define interval range date

As mentioned below

  • Website Chat integration with Drift: Visitors on TaskQue’s website can now directly get in touch with our support and request solution to their problems or provide any valuable feedback that would help us provide us more enhanced user experience.

when you click on it, you will be able to view chat where you can interact. please follow below image for your reference,

  • TaskQue Enhancement

Previously, users who were invited to another workspace never knew who the owner of that workspace is. Now, they can easily know who the owner is by clicking on manage workspaces button on the main screen of the application.

Bug Fixes

  • Users can no longer add empty comments in the comments box.

  • Comments load time has been reduced significantly.

  • Deleted Workspace cannot be accessed unless it is restored by the owner.

  • Any user besides the owner cannot add/modify administrators in a shared workspace. Prior to current release, when a user tried to add someone as admin nothing happened. Now he’ll be notified that shared workspace admin can only be added by the account owner.