Release Notes-June 2019

Visual Enhancements:

  • TaskQue enhanced visual aesthetics by removing design elements that were causing visual strain. By doing this we have made the application’s interface sleek and easy on the eye for a comfortable experience. Following changes were made to achieve this subtly new look:

  • Onboarding process Previously whenever you selected any of the available options nothing happened visually. Now we’ve added a light orange background color to highlight the selected option.



  • All dropdown menus and pop-ups have been changed from bland rectangles into elegant boxes with curved edges with an orange accent giving them a more contemporary look.


  • We have moved the task timer to the right top of the task detail pane for increased visibility.


  • To make it more convenient for the users to convert their to-dos into tasks we’ve added another button to the right top of the To-Do details pane.


  • We have changed the color of Mark Complete button to green for increased visibility.

  • We have moved Project Summary Workflow of Tasks and Distribution Graphs up for more visibility and quick reference.

  • Users who haven’t purchased the business plan will get the following message if they try to access the premium features throughout the application.


New Features:

  • Create New Workspace Link: Users can now easily create new workspaces with just two clicks. The option to create new workspaces is present in the workspaces drop-down menu.


  • Summary in Settings : Summary can now also be accessed from the settings page.


Bugs Fixes:

  • Previously users were not getting notified about a recursive task being assigned to them. This bug has now been fixed.

  • Reference task of the recursive task is now appearing in the task details of the recursive task.

  • User can now access Archived Tasks via Quick Filters.

  • In User Summary , the count of tasks completed by the user was not reflecting correctly. Now, users can see the correct count of their tasks on the user summary page.

  • Customer Support feature was not working on the user onboarding screen. Users can now easily contact support in case they’re having any difficulty during the onboarding phase.