Release Notes - January 2020

New Feature:

Day View For Tasks: For your convenience, we have now added a new feature. This feature allows you to sort and view tasks according to a specific day in the current month. Let’s suppose you have a recursive task that due on Monday in the current month. Using this feature, you’ll be able to see the tasks due on all the Mondays of the current month under one tab in the middle pane.

Day View For ToDos: The same aforementioned feature has been replicated for TO-DOs as well.

New Enhancement:

Users can now view total spent time and the total estimated time of each project and resource on the workspace summary page. This will instantly give you a big picture as to how much time was estimated and how long did all the tasks actually took to complete the tasks by an individual recourse and in a specific project.

Bug Fixes:

Project Summary workflow graph has been fixed. The graph was not appearing as per expectations but now it’s working smoothly.