Release Notes-Feb 2019

Following bugs and gaps have been addressed in this release.


  • Link added to the workspace invite email: When a user invites other users on his workspace, an email containing the URL will be sent to the invitee. Clicking upon that URL will direct the invitee to the workspace instantly.

  • Pagination Added on Project Management Page: TaskQue supports the creation of unlimited Projects. Previously, the project management page used to load the details of all the projects in one go. This resulted in long delays in the loading time of the Project Management page. Pagination allows users to quickly access the page, with the latest project appearing last.

  • Pagination Added on Workspace Management Page: TaskQue supports the creation of unlimited Workspaces. Previously, the workspace management page used to load the details of all the workspaces in one go. This resulted in long delays in the loading time of the Workspace Management page. With pagination, users can now quickly access the page, with the first created workspace appearing first.

  • Workspace Database Query: Data loading query has been optimized for faster execution.
  • Instantly show the project color change: TaskQue makes it very easy for users to instantly identify projects they have created. This can be achieved by assigning different colors to the projects. Previously, when a project’s color was changed a delay was observed with the color marking on the associated items of the project: Discussions and Documents. Now the colors on the project’s associated documents and discussion tabs change instantly.

  • User Roles Identification upon Mouse Over: On the application’s main screen, you can now check the roles of each user present on the workspace. This can be achieved by hovering the mouse over the name and avatar of a specific user.

  • Queue Management Enhanced: Workspace owners can assign admin rights to any registered user. The admin can easily manage the queues and perform a number of actions on the tasks present in the queue. The actions include change assignee, force assign, delete and change priority by dragging the tasks.
  • Sub-task email handling: Whenever a user is assigned a sub-task he will receive an email informing him about the task details.
  • Subscription Expiration Reminder: We have added a notification banner on top of the screen to remind users that their trial period or business plan is going to expire or has expired. This will help users to renew their subscription on time and continue enjoying the premium features that TaskQue has to offer.
  • Popup about Paid Version features: Whenever a user, subscribed to the basic plan, tried to access the premium features he was taken to a page where he would be notified that he doesn’t have the right and will have to upgrade to the business plan. To keep user experience streamlined, basic plan subscribers will now receive the same notification in a pop-up on the same window.

  • All tasks completed, what’s next?: Prior to this release, after completion of all the tasks in a project you would see a blank white area upon clicking the project’s name. Now when you will complete all the tasks in your project you will see two options on the screen: view completed tasks and close project.


  • Assignee picture not appearing in the create task popup: Previously, when a task was created, the assignee’s picture was not appearing at the time of creation of the task. This bug has been fixed now.
  • Sub-task not showing to assignee: When sub-tasks were created under a parent task, they were not visible to creator or the assignee. This bug has been fixed, now users can view their sub-tasks them without any glitches.
  • Fixed Notification Unread Count: Previously, we were facing an issue with the notification counter. The counter used to disappear whenever users clicked on the notification bell icon even if they had read the notification or not.
  • Project Admin Bug: There was a problem that project admins were facing earlier. Whenever a user was given admin rights, tasks in the task list used to disappear.

New Features

  • Instantly know which notifications have been read: Notifications provide instant updates and provides access to users to their action items. Previous, there was no distinction between the read and unread notifications. We have fixed this and now the users can see which notifications have been left unread.
  • Notification Sorting Enabled: Users can now also sort notifications based on their read/unread or latest/oldest status.