Release Notes - Aug 2019

New Features

  • Download Project and User Summary in Excel/CSV format: In TaskQue, users can visualize their productivity by viewing the summary report. By viewing charts, they will come to know their status of the task, projects, and workspace quickly. Our customers asked for a downloadable form of the report where they can evaluate their productivity according to their need or they require to share the report with their clients. It’s our premium feature, and the users now are able to download their summary in .csv/.xls formats.

  • Print Workspace, Project & Summary Report: TaskQue contains a graphical representation of the users, tasks, and summary report in the form of charts. Now, the print out of their summary is just a single click away.

User can even download the report in pdf file by selecting Save as PDF option from Destination dropdown

  • Task Name Edit Right from Task Name: In the continuity of our previous upgrade, TaskQue now supports quick edit of task name right from the list view. User can edit task name if there is a need without sneaking around edit option for good usage and increased efficiency.

Visual Enhancement

  • Create Project Dialogue Box in Settings: In the settings page, Create Project dialogue box has been updated by removing visual strain.
  • Visuals of Account Settings has been updated. We have updated icons and input fields to create a sleek look.

Bug Fix

  • Project selection in the project summary was not visible in the dropdown menu after the selection of Workspace. It is now fixed and the user can select Projects within the Workspace.