Release Notes-Apr 2019


Single Sign-on Enhancement: When the user create an account via Google or use their official email id, they will automatically be added in the support community. If a user sign-out from the application, they will be logged out from community too. However, when the user log-out from the community, they will still be logged in the application. They can re-login by click on login button without asking any password it will be reactivated

Instant Support Form: Users can now post a quick query whenever they feel any issue during their journey. The icon image is placed at the top right side of the page as well as in the form of a feature in ‘User setting’ dropdown. When a user submits a support ticket application will provide a message of thanks mentioning that someone from our application will contact back to you.

Once the ticket is submitted, it will create a clickable notification in Bell icon from there user can access their ticket directly on Support community. There you will be able to see Ticket ID with a nomenclature prefixes of P (paid), T (trial), F (basic/free) which identifies categorization according to your subscription plan.

When the ticket is created, an email will be sent to TaskQue dedicated customer support, and they will respond quickly. Your support communication will be displayed as a thread, so you will never miss any meaningful conversation.

Manage Contacts are now Account User with improvements

TaskQue had strong user management with roles of Admin, Normal and Limited. However, we have updated manage contacts with user-sub user relation. This way, when the user adds their team member, the application will restrict them to access Subscription alteration and provide them alerts. In the current release, we have enhanced the journey.
All sub-user will fall into the main company name, which is mentioned in the URL slug. The new invited user will only input relevant information on prefilled form from their primary account owner. Newly added sub-user;

  • Can view user contacts
  • To add more than assigned users, account owner is required to buy the premium subscription
  • Cannot delete invited user
  • Only Account owner can remove the invited user

Bug Fixing:

Assigning to Group glitch: User can now assign a task to the groups by typing group name.

Group Task Queues Enhancements: User can assign tasks to their group which means that instead of assigning tasks individually user can assign group task. In group tasks, tasks will be automatically allocated to the available resource. Also, queues are based upon the workload. Hence each will get the same amount of work and tasks which are added into the Group will automatically assign to resource within the team accordingly. However, It requires two pre-requisites that;

  • Team members should be part of the workspace
  • Group must be created first before assigning tasks

This feature is now going to solve your problem of bulk assignment and enhance your productivity.