Community Guidelines

Welcome to the TaskQue community forum. TaskQue provides you an online platform to our users where they can share their views and learn best practices, tips and tricks in the form of our community forums. We want our users to follow the guidelines given below so that our community forum stays active and continue to thrive.

  • Remember this is a place for asking questions getting answers and learning tips and tricks to maximize your efficiency. Avoid using inappropriate language on our community forums.

  • Try to help others by answering their questions and don’t divert from the main topic. Use simple language so that the reader can easily understand your answer.

  • Use your knowledge to solve other user’s problems and share useful information and posts that can help other users. You can also share your experiences and best practice with the community members.

  • Immediately report any inappropriate behavior or abusive language used by any any community member. Report posts that is not suitable for our community forum by emailing us at [email protected].

  • Never post sensitive and confidential personal information on the community forum. Do not share your username, password and contact information with anyone. To maintain user privacy, we will take immediate action and take down any such information.

  • Don’t post offensive, derogatory and controversial messages on the community forum.

  • Avoid giving misleading information.

  • Don’t post promotional and spam messages on the community forum.

  • In order to keep the community forum up and running, TaskQue reserves the right to remove posts, comments and revoke user’s accounts, if they don’t follow the aforementioned community guidelines.